Participating Members

Middlesex University, Department of Computer Science:

The Department can contribute to this centre in a number of ways:

The Middlesex Research VANET Testbed

Middlesex University is looking at research into providing seamless communication in highly mobile environments.  The researchers at Middlesex have recently designed and implemented a VANET Testbed on the Hendon Campus.  This work was done by the Networking Research Group (CSNet) and is led by Dr. Glenford Mapp. See This work was partly funded by an award from the Department of Transport (DfT).


The Interactive Design Centre (IDC)

The Interactive Design Centre is a research centre looking at Human Computer Interaction (HCI) in several situations including complex safety-critical ones such as air transport, etc. The IDC is a well-established centre and is involved in a number of research projects.  The Centre is the premier partner in the VALCRI project looking at developing tools to help crime-fighting agencies make better use of data in solving crime in the European Union. The Centre is known for its work in Visual and Data Analytics. Professor William Wong leads the Interactive Design Centre.


The Intelligent Environments Research Group

This research group looks at how intelligent environments can be built including smart homes, classrooms, hospitals and museums. The technological infrastructure in this area is largely reliant on the deployment of wireless sensors networks (WSNs). The concept of Intelligent Environments can also be successfully applied to other domains including streets, shopping centres, fashion, retailing, monitoring wildlife, etc.  Professor Juan Augusto leads the Intelligent Environments Research Group.


European Centre for the Study of Ethics, Law, and Governance in Health Information Technology

This is a new research centre, formed to provide education, conduct research and to offer community advice on issues related to the use of health information technology as they affect clinical care, biomedical research and public health surveillance among a wider range of health-related topics.  Dr. Carlisle George and Dr. Penny Duquenoy lead this new centre.


Kings College London (KCL) –

The Centre of Telecommunications Research (CTR)

The Centre for Telecommunications Research (CTR) is a world-renowned centre looking at all aspects of mobile communications from the physical layer to mobile applications. It has made significant contributions in basic research and evaluation of emerging technologies, allowing it to play a major role in the development of several important telecommunications standards. A lot of current work at the CTR is looking at the emerging 5G technologies and how technologies such as VANET can be incorporated into 5G. The Centre is also doing a lot of work into new communication paradigms using Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) to enable new remote capabilities such as the Tactile Internet. Professor Mischa Dohler is Head of the CTR.


Cranfield University –

 Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) Centre

The Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) Centre takes data from complex systems such as cars and airplanes, etc., and transforms that data to support operational decisions and to optimize the performance and maintenance of these systems.  The Centre supplies bespoke solutions to different problems using an innovative approach based on the development of applied demonstrators and testbeds.   The centre is led by Professor Ian Jennions. Dr Suresh Perinpanayagam is a member of IVHM Centre and a lecturer at Cranfield University. His expertise is in the development of Adaptive Intelligence for health management systems in transport systems as well as infrastructural and energy sectors. Suresh has been involved in discussions on using the Middlesex VANET testbed.


Arwvis Limited

Arwvis Limited is a software development company with interests covering Software and Services for Connected and Autonomous vehicles. They are currently working on SpotPark, please see (, a platform aiming to address parking problems in the UK by consolidating fragmented parking rules and leverage technologies such as VANET to deliver contextual parking information.

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